July 16th, 2007


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Classics Bug Bite is a GoBot.

I'm not saying that as some colloquial insult, he's actually a GoBot. As in, Challenge of the. True enough, the original GoBot Bug Bite was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. In 2004, Takara released a set of redecoed Mini-Bots, one of which was a white Bumblebee using the new cartoon-accurate head. They named each after a GoBot, and gave them a dimension-traveling backstory.

And so, awesomely, when it came time to do a Classics toy set for BotCon 2007, we got Classics Bumblebee redecoed as Bug Bite, with his GoBots origin backstory intact. The Transformers universe has steamrollered his own universe, leaving him as one of the few survivors, and he's out for blood. (The comic book that deals with this, Games of Deception, is reportedly at comic book stores this week. I did some coloring for the bonus materials included in the back!)

In concept, the toy is great. In execution, I'm a little bored with him. He's got the very nice purple "tribal tats" all over him, but it's the only visual interest on him. Otherwise, he's entirely white and black, which is faithful to his Mini-Bot toy, but I wish they'd used the opportunity to make him more than two plastic colors. (And, frustratingly, his very white head doesn't match his more pearlescently white body. Argh. It's much more noticeable in photos than it is in real life, but it's still noticeable in real life.)

So, yeah. It's awesome that we got a GoBot villain. I just wish they made more of him purple or red or something. Still, the gesture is appreciated. It's quite a creative move as far as BotCon sets go these days.