July 12th, 2007


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Fun Publications has been periodically posting pictures of this year's JoeCon set. I've missed them, until now. I knew that they were getting some female Cobra troopers and an officer, but...

Dude, they're hilariously ridiculous. Check out those exposed shoulderblades and the corset ties.


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Shortpacked!: There's something off about that boy.

I am not sure how unwise it was of me to follow up Wednesday's strip with one that requires any knowledge of past Shortpacked! strips. If my orgasmic pageviews from the past two days are any indication, most of the new traffic is no stranger to my archives. But yet --!

Just in case, here is some critical reading for today's installment. Read it and keep clicking forward through the rest of the week. There is more that is relevant!

Dreadwind is one of my favorite characters. He's like if Eeyore was evil and had missile launchers.

I've had the original Dreadwind since middle school, thereabouts, when my best pal at the time grew up, I didn't, and so I got his toy. Sweet deal! It came with Hi-Test, his Nebulan Powermaster partner, but not his gun. Just like this new Classics Dreadwind, the original apparently came with a double-barreled gun that was formed from two smaller guns. The mold choice for this newer version is pretty on the money, even if his jet mode looks more like his partner Darkwing's. The resemblance between the two Dreadwinds is uncanny.

Classics Dreadwind is a retool of Classics Jetfire, of course. The difference is he's got a new noggin, basically, but Jetfire also had a Jetfirey helmet that fit over it. This means the helmet has been ditched, pretty much. Why cover his new Dreadwind head with that Jetfire thing? (Besides the fact that his jet mode has giant gaps in its nose if it's not attached during transformation. Bummer.) I've also ditched the backpack armor and the forearm launchers, since that makes him look more like Dreadwind and less like Jetfire.

The biggest problem I have with this toy, and it is minor, is that his base color is white, not near-white gray, like the original. As-is, his colors are closer to Jetfire's than he needs to be. They're both white jets, sadly. If you're green/red colorblind, I'd imagine they're nearly identical.

Regardless, it's a great character using a great mold in great colors with a new headsculpt. I have not much room to complain.