July 11th, 2007


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An email I just got:
hey I know I haven't written before, I've been reading your comic for a good while now. I keep up a daily comic routine :P you're work is usually pretty funny... but

yeah I'm sticking my but there. I'm an avid fan of FBOFW and it's the first comic I pull up to read every day. Seeing your attempt of a parody of FBOFW is just a NO. really, yeah one could make a parody but I think you took it to an insulting extent. It rather "crossed the line" so to say.

It's not a personal blow and I'm sure you're not trying to mock Lynn, the author, but I feel that making a mockery like this is an insult to the world of comics. As I read your comic for today, I go wondering if you actually bother to know the depths of Lynn's work. To which point I figure that it may just as likely be a case of ignorance.

but either way, this is just me, being serious as usual about stuff that isn't meant to be spoofed like that and I felt that I needed to express my opinion. Hopefully you'll take this into consideration and it may help in avoiding those faux-pas.

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Doug Marlette's Ronald ReaganI was shocked to learn this morning that editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette died yesterday in a car crash. I've never really read his stuff in the paper, but when I was 12, I got his book, In Your Face, for Christmas. His material was fairly liberal, by Indiana standards, so I imagine that's why we didn't see much of it reprinted in the local newspapers. In my naive youth, it took me quite a few reads to realize that this guy actually found some fault with Ronald Reagan! But... everybody loves Ronald Reagan! In Indiana, Ronald Reagan is not meant for spoofing!

In many ways, I owe what caricaturing skills I have to Marlette. I don't quite render people in the same way he does, but I can see his influences, however small, in what I do. ...and expecially in my Reagan. My Reagan definitely has that "cheerful obliviousness" that Marlette pointed out to my adolescent self.

Doug Marlette is not someone I'd usually put on a list of influences, when someone asks and streams of people run through my head, and I think that's somewhat of a shame. His mark on my life was stealthy, but important. He did fantastic work, and it sucks that he had to be taken from the world in such a violent fashion.

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(Okay, that's a lie. We're missing a Sunstorm. Damn!)

This photo is probably why the vast majority of people threw themselves at BotCon 2007's "Games of Deception" box set. The three (major) Seekers not available at retail! Must complete Seekers! Hey, let's face it. Only weird people like me were in it mostly for Bug Bite and Dreadwind.

Not to say I'm ambivalent about these guys. Well, the execution I'm not so thrilled with, but the concept? Sure!

Let's start with Mr. Boring, aka Thundercracker. Man, you know how yesterday I was thrilled with Dirge's beauty-enhancing color tweaks? Well, Thundercracker's tweaked in the opposite direction. Like Dirge, he's got his old G1 wing deco, which looks really dull next to his retail counterparts'. But that's not the worst part. He's got no color accents on his robot mode parts! A little of the red from jet mode peeks through the back of his arms, but all of his paint in robot mode is silver and black. He really needs some red or yellow somewhere. Frustrating!

Thrust is much better, but not as pretty as Dirge. Thrust, of course, got the superstar treatment with the retooled VTOL wings and tailfins. There were, as you might notice, some miscommunication with the Asian factory that resulted in his screws being molded on top of his wings. Oops! Well, they covered those with stickers, and I think it makes him look better, actually. He almost suffers from the same monotone problem as Thundercracker, but he's got blue on his crotch and yellow on his pecs. They save him from being Mr. Boring, take 2.

I do mistransform Thrust, leaving his wings folded down by his hips in robot mode. It evokes his original G1 arrangement, but more importantly, I actually get to see his remolded parts in robot mode where they're not obscured by his arms and arm-guns. It also differentiates him more from his squad of nigh-identical colleagues, which is another plus. It does restrict his legs from moving out to the sides, but I have the five other dudes I can pose more freely, so it bothers me not. I'm unsure if I'll keep him this way, however. At the moment, it strikes my fancy.