July 10th, 2007


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To the left are all the Decepticons we got at BotCon 2007, which includes the five dudes from the boxset and Weirdwolf. I gotta do individual reviews of all of 'em eventually, but for now, have a badly-lit group photo.

(I have no idea why Bug Bite is in the middle of a seizure.)

But meanwhile... PRESS RELEASE TIME

Starslip Crisis: Vol 1

Blank Label Comics is excited to announce the release of Starslip Crisis, Volume 1 by Kristofer Straub.

Collecting Starslip strips from the very beginning to June 2007, the 176-page book contains over 500 strips. Fans of Straub's razor-sharp wit and cool, clean drawing style will be pleased to have the most complete collection of his Starslip work available. And they will be thrilled to see extras like a cast page, a map of the known universe, a Cirbozoid anatomy lesson, and early designs of the ship and crew! With a foreword by Scott Kurtz, this book is a must-have for legions of Starslip fans.

If you order now, you can get your book signed. If you order quickly, you can get one of a limited amount of numbered books that will ship with a signed, inked sketch.

Sample strips

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Shortpacked!: Next: A scathing look at Popeye.

Dirge and super new Dirge!

Dirge is pretty. This redeco of Classics Ramjet deters from the original Dirge's colors just enough to make him beautifully vibrant. Instead of being dark blue and tan, he's now a brighter blue and bright mustard. Against the blue and black, his red detailing looks a little magenta, which is fine by me. His eyes are also yellow, which pleases me.

His wing deco disappoints, however. Instead of being creative with the stripes, as Classics Starscream, Ramjet, and Skywarp are, his adhere to the original Dirge's blue-body-with-yellow-wings motif. Even the sticker details are faithfully recreated. If this were any other toy of G1 Dirge, I'd be satisfied, but Classics gave us a slightly different set of perameters. Thankfully, the tweaked blue and yellow save him from being a boring 100% recreation.

Frankly, it's just nice having a Dirge whose eyes aren't stickers.