July 8th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Spring-loaded.
Shortpacked!: A well-needed break from Transformers.

When I got Energon Roadblock a few years ago, it was noticed by all that he had a WalkerTron head. (Walkertron is, of course, the self-indulgent Transformer version of Walky.) As Walkertron is traditionally a jet, my original plan was to find a suitable jet Transformer to transplant the head to, but the project fell by the wayside when I realized there were none.

But then, two days ago, I learned that Classics Bumblebee was designed to look like he's a kid wearing a hoodie. Well, shit, I can't pass that up. And, shit redux, the heads are swappable. (Though Roadblock's huge noggin can't fit in vehicle mode.)

That same day, I got a huge box from Jin Saotome. Unsolicited, out of the goodness of his heart, he sent me a shitload of kitbashing materials on the condition that I never use those damn paint markers ever again.

My kitbash was completed before the end of the next day.

Today, I put up an entry for Walkertron on the Transfanon wiki, the hilarious new Transformers-wiki-where-you-make-shit-up. I kid you not, there are like three pages on this thing that don't involve some barely-altered version of Optimus Prime, and all three of those pages are mine. (Other than Walkertron, I've added two fancharacters that belong to other people which were so awesomely bad and/or ridiculous that I've grown a soft spot for them, Garrison and Smartmind.) This site promises to be full of unintentional funny, and I'm excited for it.

Clearly, someone must make a page for Echowarrior.

Re: Tonight's strip
I was going to explain here why Martian Manhunter says "Babaloo," but then I realized I had no idea. Neither Graham nor I can remember how that in-joke began, but I suppose all that matters is that it's hilarious. (To us.)

Re: Something else entirely
"What's Opera, Doc" turned 50 today!