July 5th, 2007


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THE TRIP -- Part 4

"Nice of you to finally notice. And no, I'm NOT okay."
Friday night was the tenth annual MSTF, which, like always, involved M Sipher, Doug Dlin, and Phil Zeman sitting in front of a screen making fun of Transformers. This year we snarked the 1986 movie (again). In one of the intermission skits, I played myself as a stab victim.

(Who took this photo, anyway?)

Early the next morning, like 4am, Maggie got up so I could get her to the airport so she could go visit our pal Brassy, who'd just gotten married. The next two days, the convention began in earnest. (Or, in other words, it was just dealer rooms and panels, and thus less moment-by-moment documentable.)

Gray Robot Heroes prototypes of movie designs! Gray Robot Heroes prototypes of movie designs!
The second wave, seen here, features:
Protoform Prime vs Starscream
Bonecrusher vs Bumblebee with All Spark cube
Brawl vs Ironhide
Scorponok vs Prime with sword

RH Scorponok is really the best thing ever.

The Hasbro panel on Sunday would go on to show more Robot Heroes due later into the future, such as Blitzwing and Galvatron and Beast Wars guys such as Cheetor and Megatron. Whee!

Leader-class Brawl! Leader-class Brawl!
He's huge and he's coming.

...that came out wrong.

(A tan redeco is also coming!)

Payload Payload
Payload is a Decepticon drone from the video game who transforms into an armored truck. He seems pretty damn tiny for his size class.

Longarm Longarm
Based on a nontransforming tow truck seen in the movie, Longarm's vehicle mode says "ORSON'S TOWING" on the side, a nod to Aaron Archer's old screen name. Judging by Longarm's head, I'd be unsurprised to see him redecoed as Hoist eventually.

Dropkick Dropkick
Another video game drone! Now this guy is fuckin' awesome. It's hard to decipher in my crappy photography, but he really clicks for me. That, and his vehicle mode (a pickup truck) has a giant Decepticon symbol across the top of it. Probably the biggest symbol-to-surface ratio on a TF toy ever!

Rescue Ratchet Rescue Ratchet
Here's a redeco of Movie Ratchet in white and red as original G1 Ratchet. See that red helmet? That's my fault. I nagged the deco artist until he agreed to give him his Marvel Comics colors instead of the cartoon's.

Hasbro's Materpiece Starscream Hasbro's Materpiece Starscream
Yep, they're bringing him over and he's in G1 colors. A Wal-mart exclusive, apparently! I already got the one I want, though. This one's kinda an eyesore, to me.

The sales floor! The sales floor!
A giant Movie Prime statue was the centerpiece of the room.


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Shortpacked!: Before the Tomy merger, the little circle used to read "Black repaints."

Sunstorm and the Kiss Play Position cassettes.Due to the subject matter of tonight's strip, I thought it would be a good time to put up photos of the Kiss Play Position cassettes I got at BotCon. I really wanted Sundor, the orange redeco of Laserbeak/Buzzsaw/Garboil, but the set cost $50 pretty much everywhere, and that's a bit too much for me to spend on one tiny dude that comes with two other dudes I don't want, all whom come from a line that's entirely about the exploitation of barely post-pubescent girls.

So that BotCon's exclusive boxset attendee freebie was a completely translucent blue "Invisible Mirage" was actually a blessing in disguise. What a waste of an exclusive. But hey, I traded it to Azusa, one of the Japanese dealers in attendance, for $70 cash. (Big Bad Toy Store was giving $100 in store credit, but they didn't have the KP Position cassettes there.) I got my $70, immediately turned around to find TFSource's table, and plunked down my $50 pedophilia sponsorship.

Free Sundor + $20! Sort of.

I'm glad I got it taken care of on Saturday. By Sunday, nobody was buying Invisible Mirages anymore, as everyone realized that the demand was clearly much smaller than the supply. It is the first and only BotCon exclusive I have ever sold.

I have heard reports that the KP Position cassettes' weapons are really loose, and may fall out if you turn them upside down. This is not the case with mine, thankfully, though Sundor and Glit, the jaguar, do show some signs of mold degradation.

Sundor is an Autobot who's really a Decepticon in disguise, meaning he can perch on Sunstorm's arm, as he was destined to. It's really why I bought the little orange bugger.