July 4th, 2007


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THE TRIP -- Part 3

9:45am Friday, into the buses! 9:45am Friday, into the buses!
Photo by Steve-o! We got an entire bus to ourselves the morning of the Hasbro tour. The perks of being last in line! The tour guides Hasbro hired tossed us some Transformers movie inflatable balls to bop around. Maggie snagged one, but I won it from her through means I will not detail.

The hallowed halls of Hasbro! The hallowed halls of Hasbro!
Don't let anyone know, but I was there for the Baby Alive.

Everyone was broken up into groups of about 25 and passed around from station to station, where an employee would give us the lowdown on a certain area of production. You can see one such station at the cloth-covered table half-way down the hallway, and another next to the black cases to the right. Another was inside one of the conference rooms on the left.

Toys in various states of undress! Toys in various states of undress!
The station at the cloth-covered table mentioned above is shown here. We were shown toys at several stages of production, ranging from loose test shots to near-final toys to final toys in test packaging.

Photo by Maggie! At the end of the hallway, Hasbro had "Photo Op Alley," if I can recall its name precisely. It was basically a bunch of giant display pieces for, you know, photo opportunities. Here I am testing out the giant Spider-Man Origins packaging.

I hate my stupid monkey blood.

Titaniums is cancelled, apparently. Titaniums is cancelled, apparently.
Here's two toys that got the axe, Cybertronic-body Bumblebee and "Classics" Cosmos.

And two more! And two more!
G1 Arcee and Shockwave are two more Titaniums that died along with their toyline.

Movie design progressions Movie design progressions
Aaron Archer manned this station, which featured several boards full of the Transformers' movie design process. He pointed out the stage at which he visited ILM and made them make them look more like the original characters. For example, Prime didn't have any antenna at first, and so Archer went all hollerin' and now he does.

The horror. The horror.
Nothing to see here, moving on...