July 3rd, 2007


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The TRIP! Part 1

Maggie arrived by Skybus late Wednesday night. It was a four hour direct flight, which was nice, but those four hours were spent with a fuckin' kid kicking the back of her seat, whose parents were offended by her dislike of this. Awesome!

She, myself, Graham, and Steve-o all piled into Steve-o's car at midnight. We had a 12-hour drive to Rhode Island, and so we drove in shifts. Maggie took the first two hours, I got the awesome 2-6am shift, Steve got another four hours, and then Maggie and I switched back and forth on the final two. It was grueling, but totally worth it, I think. We didn't commit any international crimes, unlike our last BotCon road trip, which is kind of disappointing. Also, no stopping at Denny's at 5am to ask the waitress for five dollar whores. I don't think I ever fell asleep, though I tried.

We got into Providence around 2. We park, drag ourselves into the lobby, and then are told our room won't be ready for another hour. After chatting up our pals, we finally get up to our room, shower, and then head back downstairs to get in line for prereg, leaving Maggie behind to sleep. After picking up our box sets and other crap, we get in line for the souvenir sets, since they're pretty much guaranteed to be sold out half-way through the con. But the line's not really moving all that fast, and then Jackpot shows up and says, "Hey, dudes, me and Mike Myers, who are part of an improv group back in Seattle, were asked to fill at an improv show down the street at seven! You should totally come over. Balls." After some deliberation, we decided to get out of line, get our stuff the next day, and go see Jack and Mike. We did, and they were glorious! There were two excellent acts which followed them, one of which was called Dr. God. I feel a little bad, because at that point I'm pretty much braindead after my trip, and though all three acts were hilarious, I can't extend myself to much laughter.

Oh no, I think... will I be too tired to appreciate the movie?


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Oh, by the way, if youse in Columbus, go see Transformers near campus at the Drexel theatre on High! Steve and I've got a modest display of our Movie and Generation 1 toys up in a case near the concession stand. They should be there for a few weeks.

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Shortpacked!: As it was foretold.

We're skipping out early to go watch the fireworks tonight. I'm posting this blog entry early, so y'all can read the movie review everyone demanded. Thus, that link above for tonight's comic won't work until 11!

Robert Powers is having a good time.THE TRIP - Part 2

See Robert Powers to the left? For context, that was how we all looked throughout Thursday evening.

After shoving Popeyes Chicken into our faces at the mall's foodcourt --

... And let me tell you about this mall. This mall was built to frustrate. Sure, it was connected by a skyway from both the hotel and the convention center, but once you got inside, its layout and maze of escalator connections were concocted by some unholy terror. You couldn't merely hop up an intuitive-but-repetitive series of escalators to get yourself from the bottom floor way up to the top where the food court, the cinema, and Dave & Busters was. No, it was a jungle of randomly overlapping escalators of varying length placed all over the interior. This was no mall, this was a game of Chutes and Ladders.

-- we gathered everybody up by the cinema around ten. There was a line already, and us folks who were designated Theatre 16 waited in line for about an hour while Theatres 10 and 15 had been sitting in their seats comfortably for quite a while. I guess they were moving us to a different theatre? Whatever it was, it was a while before we got to sit ourselves down. And then Brian Goldner, Mr. Hasbro himself, came in and thanked us all for coming, and had barely introduced Rachel Taylor (plays the hacker, Maggie) when in came Tyrese Gibson. There were screams, everyone was shouting, and it was awesome. He extolled the awesomeness of the film, which he stated he had seen several times already, and had planned to cut out halfway through on his most recent viewing, but had yet again been sucked in.

The audience demanded a "Bring it!" from the man, and he obliged. It was the greatest moment of our lives.

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I ended up on Hasbro's video podcast thing as we spilled out of the theatre. (Second day, about 1:38 into it.) The movie was so awesome, that it brought hated foes together in hugs, united in peace and harmony.