June 27th, 2007

Sly Sir

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Hey, it's more Hope This Link To Amazing Spider-Man Works! Theatre!

Today the writer tackled the question of "Is Peter so retarded as to use his own cellphone to call a television station as Spider-Man?" The answer is... yes! But we now have the new question of "Has the writer ever used a cellphone?" 'Cuz, dude, there's a "Recent calls" list on that cellphone. And *69. And Caller ID. Thankfully, the characters also lack this knowledge. They want to TRACE it. Yyyyyeah.

Spider-Man is saved by stupidity once again!

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To the left is the original Megatron as I see him in my mind's eye. I scanned his model sheet art, fixed up the face a bit, and colored it how I picture him. It's a crazy mix between the toy's colors, Marvel's colors, and the cartoon's colors.

I'm pleased with it. It makes me happy.

In about an hour or so, we're gonna take off for our 12 hour drive to Rhode Island. Yay! I've got either the first or second driving shift. And, boy, I'm glad I took that nap this afternoon. Oy.

As usual, I'll do my best to get strips drawn for you during my absence on my laptop notebook. I'm a little worried, as wifi there is reportedly like $20 a day. Yikes! I'll have to see if I can find a cheaper or free place somewhere up there. The free Saturday Walky & Joyce! strip and the Toy News International strip should update as usual.

Enjoy yourselves!

In 24 hours, I'll have seen the Tranformers movie...