June 26th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Paging Brad Mick...

As I'm sure all of you are aware, because I just can't keep my damn fool mouth shut, BotCon is this weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. But I'm bringing it up again just to remind you folks that, dude, I'm going to be in Rhode Island! You know, if you want to find me and stalk me. I will invariably be wearing my shock-orange luau shirt.

Whether Ethan will get there or not, on the other hand, who knows.

In awesome site news, I got a super pageview push from http://badwebcomics.blogspot.com/ today! Like, over a thousand new folks. (Hi, new folks!) It's pretty awesome. I got a surge in book sales, too!

The guy who's in charge of that page, despite his awesomeness in skyrocketing my cash inflow, really has some crazy assumptions about webcartoonists. I don't really want to speak about his opinions about the strip itself, because a lot of that is, of course, subjective, but I think I should at least speak for myself regarding this one quote from the site's first post:

"None of these webcomics are ever really subjected to much in the way of open criticism. Most of their creators are surrounded, whether they know it or not, by sycophants. Circlejerking little plebians who feel it is their solemn duty to fellate the creator for every single thing, regardless of quality or anything."

See, that's so totally untrue. I laughed. If anything, I'm mostly surrounded by friends who rip into the strip at any chance they get. That's what friends do. You know, when they're male. The voices of criticism are the loudest voices I hear. If I cut-and-paste some panels, I'll hear about it. If I haven't done a Batman strip in a while, I'll hear about it. If I used that annoying twit Robin or not enough Mike, I'll hear about it. This isn't to say that I'm some horrible martyr, suffering through persecution. They can be cruel, yes, but I wouldn't want it any differently. I do hear praise, if I deserve it. But I'm far from their shared sacred cow. Dude, I'm the little kid they make fun of.

It's funny, sometimes, when these friends will occasionally post to my blog or whatever and blast me. And then my readers will valiantly come to my defense against this horrible troll. No, man, he's not a troll. I know this guy. I talk to him every day. His brand of snarkery are the caliber of people I surround myself with. We're just vicious to each other, like mean brothers who punch each other in the face all the time and won't admit they like each other. (I'm sure you can see some of that attitude come out in the strip.)

I imagine that is probably true for a few other webcartoonists, as well. We're not all up in our ivory towers. I mean, ivory is expensive! We're poor.

I'm sure he'll link to this and call me a fag or whatever, but that sounds great to me. Yes, I'm feeding some guy's ego, who obviously pulled a lot of this stuff out of his ass, by responding, but I want that pageview surge again. It wasn't quite the surge I got with the Drama Strip or the Iron Man Strip, but I'll take it. I'm a shrewd businessman.