June 24th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Demographic shift

An awesome dude named Josh sent me photos of his Robot Heroes Megatron which he painted to look like the Marvel Comics version of the character. It is so sweet. I was tempted to do one of these myself (or force Sipher to do it) once I got that extra Megatron in the Wal-Mart exclusive 5-pack, but I think that may have to be a definite.

(Halfway through the first three-issue miniseries, Marvel updated the character model to look basically like the refined version seen in the cartoon -- which meant giving him the buckethead and dropping the handle from his fusion cannon -- but Marvel kept the coloration of the first model, resulting in a black-helmeted Megatron with yellow eyes and red abs for the rest of the run.)

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Shortpacked!: Stealing from my earlier work.

Woo! It's Chief! Though I still demand a Billy. On the other hand, I should probably buy some of the first wave before making demands. They just keep packing people I want with other ones I don't care about! It's crashing my mojo.

BotCon 2007 being this weekend, however, is crankin' that mojo right back up.

Man, I have so many comics to do before then...

I know these links don't work on some browsers, but I'm gonna link this Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip anyway. Peter Parker, you're retarded. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to call the media as Spider-Man from your own cellphone.