June 21st, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Where he's been.

I do not buy many video games. At most, I average about one a year. But this week, I bought two! Holy cow. I was always planning on getting Transformers for the DS. But then it was made known to me that Planet Puzzle League for the DS was, in fact, Tetris Attack, aka Pokemon Puzzle League.

I bought the hell out of that fucker, man. I love me some Tetris Attack. It's especially awesome on the DS 'cuz you can play against other people more readily. I am bloodthirsty when I play it. I want to destroy you. Garbage is my murder weapon of choice. With the original Tetris Attack on SNES, I was forced to play against family members. With Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, I had to hunt down someone else who owned it on the Game Boy Advance. But on the DS, I can just spend all day playing random anonymous people over WiFi. It is joy.

Of course, the people online are a lot better at the game than my mom. I don't do as much destroying as I used to.

Meanwhile, I put up this page on the Transformers Wiki today after some Transformers DS exploits. (I have the Autobot version.)