June 17th, 2007


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Woo! We just got back from the Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit! The experience is pretty much as the wiki entry we just created describes. I was wearing the "Robot Protector Army" shirt Aaron Archer gave me, so I'm guessing that's why Agent John Lacy singled me out and asked if I had any Class Two ear fungus as part of their introductory spiel. (Or maybe it's all that ear fungus I have.) They showed an 8 minute clip of Scorponok in the desert, and then we were filed out of the truck trailer.

Steve and Graham got to look at the Frenzy caged behind a not-so-closed door in the back of the trailer. Agent Lacy suggested I hit a Piggly Wiggly or Rite-Aid to cure my Class Two ear fungus.

After we got food, we returned to ask their names and get the most awesome photo ever, entirely just to put up on the TF wiki. Agent Jon Lacy said I looked much better and that my color had returned.

We are wiki heroes.

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Shortpacked!@TNI: Too much Transformers movie merchandise.
Shortpacked!: This is why we can't have nice things.

A good summary of the Leader-class Optimus Prime toy is thus: Both robot and truck modes are so awesome you end up transforming it back and forth constantly because you always want him to be in the mode he currently ain't in.

What clinches his awesomeness is that the conversion process isn't annoying, but also isn't boringly simple. It's engineered so that while Leader Prime is indeed complex, everything moves and clicks into place intuitively. It's fun to transform him repeatedly.

Helping in the fun is his "Advanced Automorph Technology." His torso is dedicated to unfolding from truck to robot mode form at the release of a latch, as panels maneuver and his head rises out of his shoulders, and electronic lights and sounds roar. Several parts in his feet arrange from truck fender to robot mode placement as you rotate the front bumper. Pistons and barrels reveal themselves as they accompany the revealing of his arm cannon into place as you slide a lever.

His truck mode is equally satisfying. It's huge. It has rubber tires. It has a booming truck horn. It looks like it could run you the fuck over.

He is pretty damn fantastic.

There are a few things I do dislike about him. Firstly, I wish he were as lean as his Voyager-class toy. The Leader-class version has a more accurate transformation, but it's also more bulky and has that kibble hanging off the back of his legs. The Voyager-class version matches more closely the athletic look of his CGI model counterpart.

Which bothered me for a while, but then I owened this thing and I realized it was awesome. It may be my favorite out of the movie toyline. He's just very... satisfying. But in a way that leaves you unsatisfied enough to keep messing with him. I'm not sure what that formula is, but he's got it.