June 15th, 2007


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Joyce and Walky! Tea parties.

I finished the other side of Ratchet's vehicle mode today, which involved a lot of black on the rear end, but it wasn't interesting enough to bother with another photo. Just use your imaginations! An imagination is a powerful thing.

Or so Saturday Morning Television claimed when I was a wee lad.

We saw Fantastic Four 2 tonight, and I was pleased enough. It helps that I like the Fantastic Four in general, as a concept, so I was willing to want to like it. It's not as much as a snore as the first one, and much more fun, but it's still kinda silly and stupid -- but not in an awesome way, sadly.

Sue is still covered in in about a centimeter of paint. And I still don't buy that she and Reed actually like each other at all.

I enjoyed it. I think that's it.