June 14th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Gonna tear the Internet in HALF, man.

I woke up from a paint fume haze this evening to find I'd detailed up my Movie Ratchet's vehicle mode while I was under the influence. It used to look like this, but now all the lights and handles and greebles are silver and black and red and orange. Opened on my desktop, I had a photo of Ratchet's vehicle snuck from the movie set as source material. I guess I only got so far, because I only had one side and the front of him done.


I think my monitor's talking to me, man.

Seriously, you should not give me a paint marker. I will detail things. Possibly your face. Or some Cheetos.

I have linked pictures of these DC Superfriends figures before, but today they are no less adorable.

I... I gotta get some fresh air.