June 13th, 2007


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So these Blacklab dudes were all "Man, the official Transformers movie themes suck" and so they made their own. And it's a pretty faithful cover of the original 1986 Lion version of the theme, but less Eightiesed and all the Unicron mentions swapped out for Megatrons. Oh, and there's some Vince DiCola nabs in there, too.

I kinda like it. Not that it isn't incredibly dorky. Because it is.

And, hell, you can buy the MP3 from them for 89 cents. Good deal.

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Shortpacked!: Vague Robin Hand Gesture Theatre continues

I picked up Booster X10 because, dude, he's totally Laserbeak. My desire to put him in my Classics display is an odd one, in that there's already a Classics Laserbeak, it's actually Laserbeak, and I own it. The Collectors' Club comic features the original Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Ravage as themselves, what with the recent reissue of the 1984 versions to Toys "R" Us in Classics-ish packaging. So, really, I dunno why I'm bothering.

Oh, right, because Booster X10 is totally a Laserbeak that transforms into an MP3 player of some sort. It only comes with one earpiece, which I can fit on my own ear, but it feels kinda awkward with only the one. There wouldn't be anything for a second to do in condor mode, with the "back cannon" role filled by the already-existing earpiece, but I feel this desire to get a second just to make my imaginary listening symmetrical.

I must ignore this desire.

While I was setting up today's photo, I noticed that my Classics Megatron has some yellowing on his safety orange parts. The safety orange parts facing the window are now a salmony pink. Yikes! That didn't take long at all. Maybe I should turn him around so the other half of the orange parts eventually match.

There's a potentially true list of voice actors out on the Net for the Transformers movie, but since it contradicts some of what we previously knew, I'm not sure how to digest it yet. The list does feature Charlie Adler as Starscream. Some of you may know the man as the entire cast of Cow and Chicken. Maggie, however, knows him as Her One True Love, Buster Bunny. Maggie herself has a list of a sort, on which I am #3. #2 is It's Walky!, and #1 is Buster Bunny, frequent companion of Babs Bunny, no relation.

She called me while we were out getting comic books today. She wanted to know where she could find a Starscream, and how much it would cost. "That depends on how much you want to spend." She wants the biggest one. I tell her it's $20, and he should be readily available at the Target up the highway from where she lives. I also tell her we don't know that Charlie Adler is actually Starscream yet.

"I have faith," she tells me. She has faith.