June 12th, 2007


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My readers have united in an alliance of correction, and spoke clearly in one voice: "'Pedantic' is not a noun!"

It's true, it's not. I am in error!

I am pleased that not all of my email is asking me why I buy "those stupid Bayformers for gay people," and instead concerned with righting actual wrongs. Hats off to the heroes. I feel much better about the education level of my readership.

My own education level, however, seems inadequate.

While we're talking email, some dude named Greg sent me this animated GIF of Bumblebee and asked me to link it in my next blog. I am feeling charitable.

EDIT: I got a call from Maggie a while after this, while I was sitting in a bookstore during my daily biking. She asked why my post was so sarcastic! This was not the intent. I assure you, my tone is entirely genuine.

...Man, even that sounds sarcastic. Dammit!
too!, Frenzy wants to read

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Shortpacked!: The gesture is not what you think it is.

I drew Robin in the panel pantomiming a handheld video camera, but when I started adding dialogue, I realized it would be too close to another gag I did.

So, uh, we have what we have. I decided not to edit her out of that pose. As a result, it may look like she's pantomiming something else.

Now's a good time to contemplate the validity of author intent.

My buddy Steve-o has a collection of Transformers books so when I saw this one to the left I knew he'd want it, and so it was purchased accordingly. It's not only one of those awesome kids books that have the big plastic electronic button pushy, but it's also a board game. And, hell, it's even illustrated by Guido "God" Guidi. (Some of the illustrations, if not all, are from another movie storybook by him, I believe.)

The most awesome thing is the overblown rock anthems that play when you press the Autobot or Decepticon symbol buttons. The Decepticons' is dastardly and the Autobots' is most righteous. I think those are appropriately evocative adjectives.

The point is, I was looking at the render of Prime on the cover and was comparing the details of his arm to my Leader class toy. And, lo, I realized that the toy's arms are misassembled. Not only are the screws on the outsides of the biceps, but the coil and "partial-sphere" sculpting is on the inside, rather than on the outside where they should be. Either way, transformation is identical, so it's not something that really has to be fixed. And I almost want to warn against it, because, dude, you gotta take his whole dang arm apart screw by screw to get that section removed, nevermind the two ratcheting joints on each arm that are involved. Before you try it, keep in mind that this is not going to be fun, and to be sure to keep track of all the springs and ratcheting joint pieces and etc.

(Odd discovery: The blue swoosh across the top of his forearm is a separate plastic piece that just sits in there. Guess they were trying to save paint apps or something. I don't know enough about how that works to say that's why for sure, though. It may just be so that on future redecos, they can make that bit of plastic a different color and not have to paint it then.)

But yeah. That's there for you to try if you want. But I assume no responsibility!

Speaking of things for which I assume no responsibility, Mr. Wizard is dead. This brings two things to the fore. One, this is supreme sadness. Two, yes, everyone's already made the Dinosaurs joke.