June 11th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: 4 EVAR!!!1

So here's all my Movie Decepticons thus far. I don't have Brawl yet, of course, 'cuz I'm waiting for his Leader-class toy. Until he's released a few months down the line, this is it!

Which is too bad, because I think he'd be, y'know, the only guy here who's not some shade of beige. Imagine if I had Swindle. He'd stick out like the crazy bright red dude he is.

To help alleviate my brain's issues with scale, I've put Blackout and Bonecrusher up on risers behind everyone else. You see, they're FAR AWAY. Really, uh, far away. Blackout's totally bigger than everyone else there; you just can't tell because, you know, he's... in the back.


Hey, remember Walkypedia!? (Well, the spammers do.) This morning I drew some art for Dorothy and Becky, two characters native to the Joyce and Walky! membership strips. I figgered peeps deserved a look at them in, like, color or something, and perhaps a small peek at J&W! is about for y'all. Enjoy!