June 10th, 2007

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Shortpacked!@TNI: It's over -- finished!

I told myself I'd do it until someone complained or TNI stopped me. And this week I got an email:

"Any chance you could actually come up with a new joke for the weekly Toy News International Shortpacked strip? I love Robojoe as much as the next guy (well, probably more than most "next guys" as I had the figure as a kid and thought it was cool) but six weeks of it is about four weeks past the point of the joke not being funny any more."

And so no more making fun of the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip! It's over.

Thanks, Martin! Thanks a lot.

To make it up to the rest of you, have some Robot Heroes-style art of Hot Shot.
too!, Frenzy wants to read

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Shortpacked!: Oh no he di'nt!

I coveted Jazz as soon as I saw tiny fuzzy grainy pictures of him. I continue to be amazed at how they get reasonably movie-accurate robots out of these tiny toys. Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet all go from blocky or smooth accurate representations of real vehicles into these busy pieces of machinery. There is, of course, some cheating going on. Jazz, for instance, has pretend car lights of some persuasion sculpted into his thighs. Presumably, in the CGI model, those are actual lights. But, regardless, I am amazed.

Jazz is probably my favorite of the deluxes. It's a tough call between him and Barricade, but I've decided Jazz edges him out. (It helps that Jazz's arm isn't springloaded.) One of the few downsides, however, is his weapon. It doesn't hide anywhere in vehicle mode; instead, it clips onto his rear bumper and continues to function as a weapon. Normally those kind of weapons I like, but I think it detracts in the context of the movie's setting. Otherwise, he's a pretty great Pontiac Solstice. I do wish he had the silver paint coating that Energon Energon Hot Shot had, though. The gray plastic is kinda plain.

During transformation, folding the roof down activates an automorph that both flips his head up and repositions his chest panels a little. It's neat. His weapon telescopes into a longer barrel, and the car's trunk can detach and peg onto his arm as a shield. He's got just enough paint applications and in the right places to make him look like the CGI model. I do want to add a little gray paint to his feet, however.

In robot mode, Jazz is in pleasing proportions. Well, to me, anyway. He's short, bulky, and squat, a set of proportions that reminds me of the early Diaclone cars. His arms are kinda flimsy, being made of two thin hood panels loosely hinged together, but they don't bother me too much. Because of his bulkiness, his poseability is restricted somewhat, but not by much. A neat touch are the fake car wheels inside his robot legs that rotate down to be more accurate to the movie model's placement. It's weird to see them next to the real wheels, behind his legs, though.

I strongly recommend him. I'm also looking forward to the Target-exclusive G1-homage redeco of him. He's pretty, though it's a little nuts that he's got some Porsche's rally stripes. But I'll probably get him to throw into my Classics stuff. He's close enough for government work.