June 7th, 2007

I'm Batman

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What appears to be the movie's Transformers theme was released last night on SectorSeven.org. It's some kinda screamo rap-metal or something. It's awesomely terrible, and reminds me of "Turtle Power" in almost all the right ways. I approve.

So today's more than appropriate enough to link you to the most absurdly hilarious movie tie-in music video ever.

And it's even Batman related!

Ever so often, Graham and I will pop in my Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker DVD just to watch this thing. And laugh. And point. It's so ridiculous. And I realized it was on Youtube the other day! So I must share it. (Sadly, embedding is disabled.)

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The good ol' Shortpacked!/It's Walky! boardies are trying at a resurrection of the ol' IRC channel. If you're totally down with IRC (yeah, you know me), check in to #shortpacked! on any Nightstar server. There may be people there.

Leader-class Megatron was a late addition to Saturday's Transformer movie toy orgy. He started showing up in large numbers in the days after, and Graham, Alan, and I found a few on Tuesday. Sweet.

Movie Megatron's design is nigh-impossible to make into a transforming toy. Unlike the other dudes, he don't got an Earth mode, so he transforms from giant-humanoid-pile-of-sharp-parts into a sleek alien jet. Yyyyyeah, that's happening on a plastic toy. Also, unlike the others, there's absolutely no sign of vehicle kibble on his robot mode that I can decipher, other than perhaps the wing panels making up his shoulder blades. As such, Leader Megs tries to be faithful to both modes, but it's a losing proposition. He ends up the movie robot mode with giant wings, nose, and tailfins on his back and transforms into the jet mode with the robot hanging under it.

And, weirdly enough, the conspicuous placement of the noggin in jet mode seems to be pretty accurate to the design.

In robot mode he's a giant, monsterous, evil thing, which I do enjoy. He looks powerful. He also looks like he wants to eat you. He's got metallic blue airbrushed all over him, which detracts from his movie-accurateness, but makes him more colorful for the toy-buying public. I'm tempted to remove some of it and drybrush him or something, but that is probably outside of my skillset. And this is a $40-$45 toy. Don't wanna mess that up, or it'll be expensive.

His right claw can detach from the wrist, and it's connected via a series of plastic links on a wire. Pushing the lever on his forearm yanks back the wire, causing the claw to flail around. He seems to have this claw-on-wire thing in the movie, according to the trailers, so that's a neat detail to have. If you push a lever on the other arm, his arm-kibble opens up into this double-pronged device, presumably his Fusion Cannon.

An important thing to note is that, under normal circumstances, he has no head poseability in robot mode. Properly, it locks onto the torso. You can unlock it from the torso so he can look around, but there's that unsightly tab there to restrict its movement somewhat, and it looks kinda goofy, what with being attached to the body by the back of the head, which is far behind the face.

He's got a few Automorphing bits during transformation. If you bend his legs to the sides at the knee (ouch!), his feet and heel automatically collapse in on the shin. The alien jet nose on his back, when you fold it into place, is attached to this contraption in his torso that includes his robot head and the electronics, so when everything's aligned he lets out this alien scream. (The scream can also be heard, along with lights, when you pull the lever on his chest.) The instructions are in no way adequate. Both Graham and myself had trouble decyphering them.

And his jet mode really sucks. It'd be okay if, say, you yanked off the robot mode legs. They're really noticeable as they try to hide under both of the wings like a basketball tries to hide under a pad of paper. It doesn't really work. But, again, this was a failing proposition from the start.

If you're okay with his robot mode, I'd recommend the purchase. It's a better robot mode, in my opinion, than the upcoming Voyager-sized version of Megatron, and their vehicle modes are both crappy. On the other hand, this dude's $20 more.