June 5th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: It seems the comic has reached an impasse.

Hey! We dudes at Blank Label Comics are trying out Project Wonderful for our hub-wide ads at the top of all our pages! It's crazy and it's awesome and it's something you folks should totally take advantage of. Our introductory price right now is $20, and that puts you on every single page in our network! That's a lot of pages! Check it out now!

Scorponok kills all!If you're going to buy Scorponok, it had better be because you love his scorpion mode. Because his robot mode really, really blows. If you're fine with pretending he's just an evil robot scorpion dude who doesn't transform into anything, then all's good, 'cuz his scorpion mode is pretty damn great. It's full of warning tampos and he spins his claws around menacingly when you push him across a surface. He's also got that spearing tail thing, and if you attach him to Blackout, when you spin Blackout's rotors, Scorponok's claw gearing also spins.

But if you're not up for the scorpion mode, he's an easy pass. Toys "R" Us has him in a two-pack with Blackout for $25, so you can essentially get him for $5 (instead of $10) if you were already planning on Blackout, so that's something you can keep in mind.

Robot Heroes continue to rock. And thing I noticed -- the photograph shows all of the Autobots available at stores currently, and every single one has a toy in Classics. Guess those dudes are who Hasbro's decided are G1's core dudes!

We're playing Transformers Risk right now. I'm losing. I should get back to that. Ta ta, folks.