June 4th, 2007

Overwhelmed by purty

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Shortpacked!: Don't try this at home.

Today's blogpost was supposed to be a review of movie Ironhide, but despite putting him under the glare of a thousand suns, it's impossible for me to get anything other than a silhouette out of him. My photography would be useless. I will attempt later, perhaps... outside. Hrm.

I'm kinda lukewarm on him anyway.

So that's why I got the photo of Robot Heroes Bumblebee and Soundwave instead. I was not going to get many of these guys, if any. I was enamored with the possibility of owning Ravage (who comes with Prime) and Unicron (who also comes with Prime), but after seeing them all in person, I must have all of them. They just have so much personality. The Star Wars dudes were all in the same standard pose, the Marvel dudes are a little more varied, but the Transformers guys are full-on dynamic. They have very limited posing, with three points of articulation or fewer. Bumblebee and Soundwave here, for example, can both turn their heads and rotate their arms at the shoulder. Ravage, on the other hand, can only turn his head. There are a few, like Starscream and Grimlock, whose heads are fixed due to either their body design or the angle their head is attached to their torsos.

And I don't mind. It forces you to work with your imagination a little more. Sometimes I like approaching a limitedly poseable toy and seeing what poses I can get out of it. Like, say, the photo here of Bumblebee giving Soundwave a huge beatdown. (It doesn't hurt that these are such cute representations that any show of violence is hilariously out of place.)

Also, a good number of them have toyesque details, with tampoed versions of their original stickers and such. You know how I am about that.

Color me converted.