May 30th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: Time to cleanse this pathetic store!

First things first: Barricade is awesome.

Transformers has never had an evil police car. The politics of such a thing would be murky, I would imagine. (Though I remember when Robots in Disguise came out, Jenni would tell me about how Prowl really terribly pegwarmed in some poor area in Virginia, which she decided was because it reminded all the kids of that horrible car that took away their daddy.) And what an awesome evil police car Barricade is. He looks monsterous, with his giant pointy hand-claws and his horned head and that toothy grin. And instead of the iconic "To serve and protect," Barricade's rear features the phrase "To punish and enslave." Hot dang.

A good police car is hard to come by in Transformers lines. More often than not, they end up being G1 Prowl homages, which means we rarely ever get a police car that looks like any police car from around here, rather than a Japanese police car. And most of those police cars are cars that are not really known to be police cars, like Lambourghinis. Or, uh, futuristic Formula One racers. Barricade is a Mustang, which isn't terribly common to find in police dress, but it's not embarrassingly exotic, at least. And, thank Primus, he's painted to look like a real American police car. He's not a Japanese police car mysteriously driving around in America.

He's very Alternatorish in both modes, as he turns into a licensed vehicle with transparent windows and has a car chest. But he's not Alternatorish in a bad way. He's intuitive to transform back and forth, so there will be no frustrated screams as anger. In robot mode, he's got lots of ratcheting joints, which delights me. And there's little tiny decorative steps in his transformation to make him slightly more like the movie's CGI model, like the little spikes that flip up out of the top of his feet. His head is rubber. Weird.

There are aspects of him I dislike. One of his arms are spring-loaded to grab forward, and it's really a hairtrigger. It doesn't want to stay sheathed at all. His pelvis doesn't seem to lock into his torso, either, so all you've got is gravity. There's tabs and tabholes, sure, but I don't think they snap into each other. And the inclusion of a tiny Frenzy formed from his front grill is nice, just to have a Frenzy to general scale with the rest of the line, but it's a really undynamic representation of the movie's CGI model. Kinda dorky-looking, really. If Hasbro were able to give him a more crouching, hunched pose, he'd be fantastic.