May 29th, 2007

too!, Frenzy wants to read

(no subject) has a page on the scoring of the Transformers film. For some reason, the idea of an orchestra coming together to play music for Transformers is, like, crazy. It's akin to a ballet based on Fat Albert. It's an overreaction on my part, I know, but it just seems so, I dunno, disproportionate.

However, it's good to hear there's an album of the score coming out later. Man cannot live on Goo Goo Dolls alone.

(no subject)

Shortpacked!: You never leave elementary school.

I picked up 3" Titanium Movie Bumblebee 'cuz 3" G1 Bumblebee has been a perennial part of my computer desk buddies, and I figgered they'd make a nice little duo.

What's surprising is, hey, the Autobot logo stand is a totally new sculpt. (It's possible that some of you haven't noticed that the Movie's Autobot logo has squintier, angrier eyes.) I would have thought they'd just have altered the paint on the old one to make him angrier, but no, this stand is all new. Totally new shape, engraving, and everything, with less flat chin and tighter negative space areas. Wacky.

Bumblebee himself, of course, is your typical Titanium Series figure. He's half diecast and half plastic, with his torso and thighs being the former and everything else being the latter. He has articulation at his neck, waist and shoulders. (Titanium G1 Bumblebee tops him with additional wrist articulation and a removeable handgun.)

The detail is pretty sharp on this guy, and he doesn't have the distorted, squatty posture of most earlier Transformers Titaniums. I may have Bonecrusher menace him for a while. He's about the right size, I figger, and he looks better than the Legends toy.

Hey! Hasbro's having a poll to determine what awesome G.I.JOE sublines-people-hated to bring back in the coming year! And, what the hell, Star Brigade is only at 2%?! That will not stand. We need a new Robo-J.O.E., dammit. I beseech the entirety of my readership to right this horrible wrong. Vote Star Brigade!