May 28th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: And he thought selling CPRs was difficult.

I've been biking pretty much every day once spring started, and more often than not I end up at Lennox shopping center down the street. There's a Target (and a Barnes & Noble!) there, and out of curiosity I've been checking every day this past week wondering how movie stuff would flow in.

Apparently, all at once! Seriously. They were stocked up today. Out of nowhere!

And, amazingly, I didn't buy the whole lot of it. Heh. Which is good, because I was about halfway home before I remembered, oh, right, I'm on my bike. I couldn't possibly carry all that home. I totally would have bought everything and then sat down there on the curb, stranded, arms full of bags of toys, next to my bike.

But no, I'm waiting for my pals to be around. We're gonna march into a store when these suckers are out, grab giant carts, and revel in our awesome giant amounts of swag in one huge toy orgy. Graham's out of town, I figgered Jenni was at work (though I'd forgotten it was Memorial Day. Ah-heh), and I have a friend rockin' into town later this week who wanted to check things out. So no blowing my toy wad, no matter how much I want Ironhide so very badly.

I did get some consolation prizes, such as Arcee, seen in the photo up there. I picked her up to be my Chromia, because the Chromia we got at BotCon 2005 was actually colored like Moonracer. This solves a lot! I kinda want to entertain the possibility that the similarity to Chromia was intentional. After all, the actual new-mold Arcee toy we're getting in the Deluxe sizeclass is pink and yellow, making this blue and silver Scout-class version kind of a weirdly-off representation of the character.

But probably not. Why the blue and silver? Who knows? And who cares? It works out for me, and that's good enough.