May 27th, 2007

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Jenni and I found Transformers movie deluxes tonight. Hoorah!

First, though, we went to Wal-mart on Georgesville Road and found all the pallettes out, stacked high with cases Transformers stuff. Not any of the mainline toys, though! Just piles of Robot Heroes and Cyber Stompers and Fast Action Battlers and what have you. Wal-mart's registers, of course, as reported frequently, wouldn't allow us to depart with Robot Heroes. Darn computer-moderated street date!

But it was okay, because Hilliard Wal-mart had filled an endcap with deluxes. The good kind! Jenni picked up a Jazz and I got Bonecrusher and Barricade, having decided I didn't want the '74 Bumblebee half of the Barricade/Bumblebee versus pack that's due on June 2. And, hallelujah, Wal-mart let us buy them. Huzzah!

That's a $20 chunk removed from the splurge that's imminent next Saturday. I do not envy my wallet.
too!, Frenzy wants to read

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Shortpacked!@TNI: Well, somebody's gotta catch up the audience!
Shortpacked!: "More like GAYskool!"

Today's strip starts a storyline, so new strips all five days this week!

I was at a Target this evening while out biking, and I overheard a conversation between a mother and her sons while they were looking at Spider-Man 3 figures. One apparently had pointed out Venom as the figure that he wanted, and the mother imploded. "You can't have that gross-faced Spider-Man! He's disgusting, and you can't have him!" But it was the only one the kid wanted! "REVOLTING. It's scary, and I won't allow it. NO."

The mom wins for now, but that kid's totally going to rebel as a teenager and become a Satan worshipper. Just you wait. Shoulda let the kid have a Venom.

So here's Bonecrusher, otherwise known as dude who hates a bus . Well, guess what? Apparently, he hates everything! Yes, everything. The sky. This planet and its stupid air. Even hot boobies. And your face! He especially hates your face.

So by default, he probably hates being at this relatively-small pricepoint. He turns into a large-ass mine-whatever vehicle, and in robot mode he rivals Optimus Prime in size. So I wish he weren't so dinky.

I knew I got those Legends-class dudes for some reason.

Anyway, the toy's pretty cool! He kinda explodes into robot mode, resulting in this hunchbacked lumbering monster. Heee. If you press a lever on his back, the pronged claw on his back clicks together. That same claw can also extend up and over his head like a scorpion tail. Additionally, his forearms can unfold into a much longer reach.

His robot mode doesn't do much pegging together, but it manages to do okay without such things. I think it would be a tiny little bit better if his hip halves could attach to each other, and there's apparently some contraption there for it, but I can't get mine to stay. Dang. In vehicle mode Bonecrusher does, thankfully, have some much-needed pegs in places.

I dig! But I wish they made a bigger one.

(For those of you counting, this is the eighth Transformer named Bonecrusher. He's usually a construction vehicle or a buffalo. This time, he's a "Buffalo" construction vehicle! Ha.)