May 22nd, 2007

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Shortpacked!: As promised, more poop.

Today was Movie Toy Blueballs Day. I biked to the Lennox Center Target early this morning to pick up my copy of Scrubs Season 5 on DVD! Sweeeet. Lo and behold, they had also reset the action figure aisle for the Transformers movie stuff... but no product! Just a giant sea of nothingness but with all the appropriate pegs and tags. I checked all the DPCIs on the little handy-dandy price check scanner thinger, and none of the items were yet in stock. Dang!

But hey, Scrubs DVD. Mmmm.

At about 8pm, I saw a sighting for movie deluxes at Sawmill Target. D'oh! Jenni and Graham and I rushed out there, but they didn't have many left. Graham took a Wreckage, Jenni took a Bumblebee, and I left the remaining Brawl and Scorponok there. I'm waiting for the Blackout/Scorponok 2-pack so I can save $5 on the pair and I'm also waiting for the Leader-sized Brawl. D'oh well!


There was a mom there who was ecstatic to see the new movie product available, and was calling home to confirm which ones her son wanted. I think she went home with the Brawl, Scorponok, and a pair of preview figures -- basically, one of each that was left. Lucky kid!