May 20th, 2007

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I've neglected mentioning them because I'm a bad person, but the 30th Anniversary Star Wars toys have been pretty darn interesting, featuring prototype versions of some characters and wacky stuff like Holiday Special Boba Fett. For example, Wave 5 has concept art Vader and Leia Starkiller. You know, back when Luke's last name was gonna be Starkiller instead of Skywalker and he was gonna be a girl?

I don't collect Star Wars, but that doesn't mean this stuff doesn't twist my knob.

I am not a good painter. In fact, one would say I am a shitacular painter. I'm too impatient, too eager, and too, well, unskilled. I have learned this over the years, but sometimes I forget the severity of my nonskill and need to remind myself.

The Transformers movie toys, are of course, produced on the same budget as previous lines, specific maximum paint applications and all. The Movie toys have all this awesome sculpted detail to recreate the crazily-complicated designs of the dudes from the film, but only a handfull of paint applications to cover it. And so the temptation to "finish" the job is high.

I really want to paint pretty much everything when I get it, but I decided to try my hand at the Legends Bumblebee I got. This way, when I screw up, I'm only out a $4 toy instead of a $10 or $20 one. I got some black and silver paint markers and a black Sharpie and went to town on it. At first I tried using masking tape to cover up the parts I didn't want to be painted. Of course, the paint just bubbled up under the tape and slopped everywhere. Hooray! I did manage to get most of it cleaned off, but there's still a few specs in the cracks. Thankfully, a lot of that was going to end up being painted black anyway.

And so here we are. I made sure to not paint in areas that can chip during transformation, which is why I didn't get any yellow to paint the thighs. I also dunked and rolled him in a few coats of heavily-watered blank paint to get that "I'm an old 1974 Camaro junker" look he has in the film. (It's not so apparent in the photo, sadly.) I also wish I had something to match the blue glittery paint Hasbro used for the windows, 'cuz the back window is unpainted and there's these areas on the side corners of the front windshield that aren't painted 'cuz those areas are on his arm pieces and would require two more paint applications. Oh well! (I also need some red to do his brake lights.)

All in all, I'm... actually kinda satisfied with him. It ended up being a pretty unfair reminder of how bad a kitbasher I am. Bumblebee's '74 Camaro form is supposed to look sloppy and crappy, so it's not like I'm trying to recreate a very clean look, and so I haven't really relearned anything at all.