May 16th, 2007


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Hello, Ohio!

I had a big stack of mail waiting for me when I got back, most of it seemingly the remaining Shortpacked! Extra orders. I do have one open slot remaining, but I'll wait a bit to see if another order comes in. If it doesn't, uh... something. Auction, maybe? Who knows!

Whee! Two big Transformers books were new this week, the first of which is the paperback updated edition of DK's Ultimate Guide to Transformers. I flipped through it, and sadly the only changes are a few new pages in the back with some IDW stuff and pictures of Classics toys. It's weird that the thrust of the book is still pushing the ol' Dreamwave timeline. Oh well. I didn't pick this up.

But I did pick up You Can Draw Transformers by Guido Guidi! Because, you know, Guido Guidi's awesome. Oh God, I can't imagine anyone else from the current roster of TF artists drawing this book. (Well, okay, maybe Nick Roche.) Guido draws in a clean, concise style that has a strong foundation in composition and rendering principles. This book ain't just robots. There's all sorts of general groundwork laid out here, such as underlying shapes and common objects and inking and shading and clarity. It has a strong push for aptitude in all areas of graphic illustration, not just drawing giant balloony robots floating in space.

(Speak of the devil, the "Creating a comic book" section was completely devoid of "don't pay your artists so you can buy a Porsche instead." Whatever!)

And it's full of delicious Guido art. Mmm.

Graham found me a Parasite/Stargirl/dehooked-Aquaman threepack today. Stargirl looks like she "fell down the stairs," if you know what I mean, but I can't say I fault Graham for picking it up anyway. I dunno if I'll ever see one of these in stores myself.

Still, Volcana eludes me!