May 15th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: No amount of CGI will redeem the concept.

Here's the Movie toys I mentioned picking up yesterday! Tiny $5 dudes. Pocket-fun!

I'm, uh, glad I decided to pick up Barricade, too. I always figgered I'd pick up Bumblebee, 'cuz, dude, Bumblebee, but on a whim I decided to pick up the evil cop guy. Which, yeah, was a good idea. Bumblebee kinda sucks. Though both he and Barricade have similar transformations which are both extrapolations from the ol' Micromaster transformation (i.e., hood folds down, arms pull out, legs fold out), Bumblebee is this stumpy dude that doesn't really look all that good. His arms never look right, since from nearly all angles, they just look like his hood, and they meld into his chest visually way too easily. His car mode suffers, too, as Bumblebee's big balljointed robot shoulders jut out the sides of the vehicle unnaturally.

Barricade unfolds into a much nicer bot. He's skinnier, and is a few heads taller, too. Plus, he's permanently stuck in this evil predatory crouch, which adds character. His arms are a little flat, though. His vehicle mode doesn't have any obvious robot kibble sticking out anywhere.

I'm heading back home to Ohio tonight, and I'll be back in Columbus tomorrow morning! It's been a fun visit, and I will miss Maggie very muchly! I'll see her again at BotCon, but that's, like, a month and a half away! Laaame.