May 13th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: "But she's not my wife!"
Shortpacked!: HEYO!

Remember -- Preorders end at midnight Monday night! That's 24 hours, folks!

Crammed with extras, Shortpacked! Brings Back the Eighties collects the first hundred strips of David Willis' popular webcomic, Shortpacked! into a 140-page keepsake volume. Most of the strips are accompanied by his own commentary, providing witty insight and background to the comics.
Additional features include Shortpacked v1.o, the early strips that you can't find anywhere on the Internet today, and pages from the never-before-seen Shortpacked! Employee Handbook. Throw in a rollicking foreword by special-effects genius Greg Killmaster, and you have to ultimate must-have for fans of this webcomic veteran.

You can preorder the book until this Monday, May 14.

The preorders are being handled through PayPal, but Willis is making special arrangements for people who are more comfortable using checks, money orders, and promises of sexual favors. Email him for details.

Preview images: