May 5th, 2007

Sly Sir

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So Ron and his girl-for-life got a house a short while ago! Hooray! Well, they needed some help painting it, so Steve-o, Graham, and I came over to lend a hand. We were given the assignment of painting the master bedroom. We were told that it was to be purple, and that Ron picked the color. Well, okay, Ron picked purple-in-general over his wife's suggestion of green-in-general. His wife, I believed, picked the shade.

So while Ron's out picking up the grill from his old place, we paint up his room.

Oh Cheezus, it is so pink.

Pinkity pink lavender pink.

(I believe the paint's name is "Purpling Dawn.")

It is the gayest room we have ever seen in our entire life.

So Ron gets back, after having an awful time of getting the grill to the new place, since it took a few hours, and we introduce him to his new homosexual room. His eyes go a little wide as he realizes just how pink this room is. It'll be okay, I tell him. "The room will look great once you put a poster up over here."

He looks a little relieved.

"You know, of James Van Der Beek."

At that moment, his soul was visibly crushed.