May 3rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: The movie event of the summer!

Now, that link isn't going to work until 11pm EST. But I'm gonna be gone tonight because OH MY GOD SUPER AWESOME MOVIE, so you'll just have to remember to click it when the time comes. You're not gonna have me to link you there as the strip goes up tonight. You're gonna have to do half of the work yourself! You can do that, right?


That's a good boy.

*throws a biscuit*

Dreadwind, the last of the five toys in the BotCon box set, is up for everyone to see. As guessed by everybody, he's Jetfire with a new noggin. Pretty! And a great character choice. Dreadwind is awesome. He's obnoxiously pessimistic and depressed, like all IN YOUR FACE with how down he is. All the time. And he has good reason to be. Everyone else is a jerk. Especially you!

I do wish that he had a bit more of that red detailing seen on the back of his jet mode somewhere. I think it would make him pop a little more. And I'm not really sure what to do with that helmet, because I can't see him wearing it. There is a place to shove it behind his head, sort of, unofficially, in robot mode, but that always looks sort of awkward.

Oh well!