May 1st, 2007


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So tonight I went to Kroger and found an endcap of JOLLY RANCHER SODA. 10 for $10! Oh dear lord. And look, all the flavors, from grape to orange to... hey, watermelon. Well, that stuff looks the Jolly Rancherest, in its quasi-clear pinky-redness, so I got some. Morbid curiosity.

I have no idea why this is a surprise, but drinking Jolly Rancher pop is like drinking a freakin' melted Jolly Rancher. And it's awful. Oh god, is it awful. Melted Jolly Ranchers should not be a beverage.

Man, and to think I went to the store to pick up some juice. I fail.

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Shortpacked!: Customer service is our specialty.

Star Brigade Destro is so goofy. I'm not the first to suggest this, but it seriously looks like he cut off one of his arms so he could replace it with a missile launcher; that arm is much shorter than the other, normal arm. Man, Destro, you're pretty freakin' dedicated.

Trying to keep his missile stored in the launcher is futile on mine. Eventually, it shoots on its own. I've got a missile somewhere behind my desk. Grarr. At least he comes with a spare...

His weapons aren't as cool as Robo-J.O.E.'s. The latter's artillery is pretty beefy and overcompensating. Destro's are smaller and more boring. Ah well.

Again, Destro comes with a trading card, and again, it's a photo of a guy in a costume. It's hilarious. I mean, look at him. You can just hear the muffled, impotent threats coming from behind the opaque helmet. I'm starting to think the reason G.I. Joe disbanded in the mid-nineties is because they couldn't stop laughing.

And just so you know this is the terrible speculators market of the mid-nineties, the "G.I. Joe Collector's Tip" on the back reads as thus: "Variances in packaging, decorations, weapons and accessories, [comma in original] can make a figure more valuable." Man, what are we teaching our kids? That's just wrong. has a five-page preview up of the BotCon 2007 comic book. Oh man, I pray to God we get that Weirdwolf. (Question: Is he intentionally rhyming? His voice gimmick is he speaks backwards like Yoda, which he's sorta doing, but he's also rhyming. Hrm.)

It is so disorienting to have a Magnus and Springer introduced into a Marvel Comics universe that's not using the Marvel UK stuff. These guys should have histories. They should have been to Earth before. And, uh, Springer shouldn't be colored like his cartoon model.

On the other hand, Tyrannotron and Monzo name-drops for the win!

Hey! Shortpacked! book news! I just got word back today from Greg Killmaster that he's totally going to write the foreword to my book. Yes, that Greg Killmaster. Holy cow! I'm so pumped! This book is going to be awesome.