April 30th, 2007

Not Amused

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So I made Megatron's noggin more original-toy-accurate the other day. As part of the normal transformation, you fit Megatron's show-based noggin into a piece of kibble that used to be the original toy's noggin. Well, you can still fit that over his head in robot mode, but you have to shove the forehead down over half his face. I unscrewed and removed that, and now I've got a nifty original-toy-Megatron noggin. I enjoy it a lot, though there's a major downside in him not being able to turn his head. I may unscrew that piece from the hinge in the back to re-allow that, though that would mean rescrewing it in whenever I wanted to transform it.


Pictures of Bugbite went up on the BotCon site today, and I have to say that I'm disappointed again. Let's set aside for the moment whether Bugbite's head matches his body. It's possible that his body is pearly white plastice and comes out darker versus the painted-white head in photography. So I'm not gonna rail on that until we know for sure. While the purple car deco is nice, I am extremely distraught that his robot parts are entirely black. They replaced two of his plastic colors with a single color and then removed all the paint from there. Why? He looks so very bare.

I've given up being excited about the last unrevealed figure in the line, Dreadwind. I am sure, at this point, that Fun Publications will find some way to reach below even the lowest of my expectations. I'm convinced that FP is only as good as the colors they're copying. Last year's Beast Wars set was great-looking because its characters were pre-existing dudes in pre-existing great-looking color schemes. If you copy Rhinox's colors to something, anything, it's gonna look good. But when FP tackles a character that needs to grow its color scheme to fit a more complicated, modern toy, I don't think it's possible for them to think outside the box.

Please, FP. Prove me wrong. Somehow. I would like to think better of you.