April 27th, 2007

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Joyce & Walky!: What the hell?

I found Lunchables at Kroger tonight! And not just any Lunchables -- Transformers movie Lunchables! They're just like normal Lunchables but with extra Megatron.

So, of course, I bought some.

I have to say, man, this is some terrible stuff. The packaging claims these chicken tenders are all white meat, but I'm pretty sure they're all white styrofoam. The Cheese Nips were all right, I suppose. And, hey, some non-Fruit Roll-up Fruit Roll-up!

Not worth $2.50, I don't think.

The back has all sorts of exciting trivia about the movie like "There are special effects." There are very slight spoilers, but nothing you wouldn't already know or not have beaten into you by the marketing blitz or toyline.

The coolest thing is the personalized "Bumblebee" logo in the corner. Hee hee hee. They should totally use that in a word balloon whenever he gets introduced in comic books.

Toys need to come out!

You know. To stop me from buying this stuff.