April 25th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Those are some cheap rims.

Here's another sneak peek at the Shortpacked! book currently up for preorder! As I mentioned before, interspersed throughout the book are excerpts from the never-before-seen Shortpacked! Employee Handbook. Mmmm, snarky!

More than half of the Extra! versions have been sold. That's fewer than 100 left, and there's like 30,000 of you readers out there, so grab one while you can! They're selling quite quickly. And, of course, the normal ol' cheap version is also available. As always, if you don't want to order with Paypal, give me a holler.

Today Transformers Spotlight: Kup was released in comic book stores, and I super muchly recommend it. It's easily one of the most enjoyable Transformers comic books in years, and it's written and illustrated by God himself, known by Earth mortals as Nick Roche. There are few Transformers artists that storytell as well as he does. A great read.

Also, it's absolutely bonkers.

The cover to this year's BotCon Comic (which will also be released in comic book stores) has been thrown up on the Club website, and it gives us a peek at three potential at-show exclusive toys. We've got Armorhide as Huffer, Cybertron Defense Hot Shot as Springer, and Thunderblast as Elita One. It's been said that one of these folks we're not getting at the show. I'm guessing that third guy will eventually be a Transformers Club exclusive later in the year.


You all are aware of my feelings on Thunderblast's toy. It's one of the worst things to ever exist. A Transformer so bad I drew a comic about it. On the other hand, Elita One's never gotten a toy before, so I'm happy that one will exist at all. On the other other hand, it's kinda strange that she's getting her first toy in a story set in the Marvel Comics universe where not only she doesn't exist, but females Transformers are explicitly stated to not exist at all. (Thanks, Cloudburst.) It's too bad pretty much all the Marvel Comics-only characters are dead at the end of G1, or I'd be a little more annoyed that, finally getting a story set in the Marvel Comics universe, we instead get characters from the cartoon.

When will I get my fuckin' Straxus?

I'm okay with Springer and very okay with Huffer. (Though, as a geeky sidenote, I do think it's hilarious that the first Cybertron Hot Shot was redecoed into Hot Rod and the second is being redecoed into Springer. They should try squeezing out the rest of the origianl Transformers movie cast from the remaining Hot Shot toys.)

Here's a bigger version of the cover image on the artist's Deviantart page. Alex Milne sure likes to draw his subjects all occupying the same physical space at the same time, doesn't he?

Meanwhile, in G.I. Joe 25th anniversary news, WOW is that some 1982 packaging.