April 23rd, 2007


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Shortpacked! True love.

Masterpiece Megatron is awesome with my Decepticon Alternators. He's a skinny feller in robot mode, so I imagine he's gotta be pretty freakin' big in other dimensions to be able to intimidate his troops through power. Also, he's got a gun on his arm the size of, well, a car. Yikes.

(I'm not sure who's the weirdest addition to that shelf. Is it the tiny figure of me or is it Kremzeek?)

(Yes, I'm leaving out the obvious "Robot who transforms into a handgun the size of an apartment building" option. And the, uh, "Robot who transforms into a jet fighter just barely bigger than a car" option.)

(Let's move on.)

In general, I'm pleased by Masterpiece Megatron's aesthetic. Megatron's original toy is one of my favorites. And it's because of his robot mode. Even with the trigger crotch. I just dig the proportions, skinny-ass legs and all. (One of my favorite pieces of Megatron art is this toy-influenced promo drawing by Guido Guidi.) The Masterpiece duplicates much of this through necessity -- you just can't give him bulky legs if they transform into the grip of his handgun. There's only so much mass. Along the same lines, it's just as pleasing to me to see the original toy's stickers sculpted into the plastic, like the layers of grooves inside his forearms. That's like delicious cake to me.

More Megatron pictures and comments later!

In other news, photos of Classics Thundercracker went up on BotCon.com. I'm, uh, actually disappointed. I really wanted some schnazzy wing deco like Starscream and Skywarp and Ramjet have, instead of the exact same ol' G1 1984 stickers. It's probably the most yawnable BotCon exclusive I've ever seen. I am somewhat happy, since he's his toy colors and not the light blue he was in the cartoon, but my enthusiasm for the set has dropped substantially.


In case you missed it yesterday, the first Shortpacked! book is up for preorder!

We're about half-sold through the Extra Super Special Awesome! versions, so if you need one of those, you've got a ticking clock over your head. And the sooner we get closer to 600 preorders, the sooner we can get this thing printed!

There's about 600 subscribers to this LJ feed, so if, say, every one of you guys bought one, we'd be done before we knew it!

Let's do this thing.