April 22nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Holy crap, they actually published it.
Shortpacked!: Incoming dilemma.


No, seriously, BOOK! I'm putting up preorders for the first Shortpacked! book collection. At roughly 135 pages, it covers the first hundred strips or so of Shortpacked!, complete with commentorial (?) notes below select strips that I wish to share my very deep thoughts on, plus it includes Shortpacked v1.o, the early strips that predate this site that you can't find anywhere on the Internet today. Also: Special bonus: for seriously: Interspersed throughout the book are pages from the never-before-seen Shortpacked! Employee Handbook!

Oh, yes.

Now, for reals, we gotta preorder this baby. How many preorders do I need before I can afford the print run? Well, that amount clocks in at approximately 600. (Books are 'spensive!) ((If you print them yourself.)) So, dudes, let's preorder this thing. As soon as we hit that magical number of preorders, we're jamming this thing through the press. Ultimately, we will have papery Shortpacked! goodness for us all.

Now, you got two options. Now, you can just preorder the book and have it sent to your house all normal like, no muss, no fuss. Or you can get the Super Awesome Nifty Supreme Version, known to laymen as Shortpacked! Extra, named thus because it costs Extra. What do you get with it? Well, I'll be putting a sketch and an autograph in the inside front cover. And I'm only doing 200 of them, so these editions will be numbered.

(Of course, if you wander into me on the street one day and want an autograph on your book, you'll certainly get one. The Extra edition isn't superceding that. Also, I gleefully stole this idea from Howard Tayler. You should also give him money, in addition to me. He's got a family to feed, while I am merely a young hedonist.)

So, let's recap!:
1) Book!
2) I am not joshing you, book!
3) You can give me extra money if you want to.
4) If you can't/won't use Paypal, email me.
5) Quick! Buy them! Like bunnies!