April 17th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Probably shoulda done this in Timm style.

Squirts a web any size!Holy geez! You guys ordered like 40 shirts since last night! I was not expecting that kind of response. It, uh, may take a while to get all these orders out. But I'll sure give it the ol' college try.

So, dude, Graham and I were at Kroger yesterday and we noted that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has these awesome Spider-Man 3 water squirters inside. Totally bought.

Man, I haven't bought cereal since... well...

Hrm. I don't think I've ever bought cereal. Certainly not name-brand cereal.

When did they start putting the prizes in separate baggies at the top of the box? Did someone complain they actually had to eat the whole box of cereal? (Heh heh, like you don't just thrust your hand into the cereal bag to find the toy first thing...) I dunno. I thought that was weird.

Anyway, life is lame and I got Spider-Man. I wanted a hilarious water-squirting Sandman. Dude, why is the sand guy squirting water? I don't know! It don't make no sense!

Amazingly, these water squirters squirt water. Crazy, I know! Hours of... probably not indoor fun. I'd get in trouble with Steve.

I've scanned the back of the cereal box not only so y'all could get a glimpse of the other dudes, including an adorable Venom, but also so you could read the hilarious ad copy. Does this imply that Spider-Man's villains are anti-whole grain? Hmm. This just in: Venom LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES constipation!

Is there no bran in brains? Is that why Venom's always trying to eat Spider-man's?