April 16th, 2007

I'm Batman

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"No, I'M Batman" t-shirts are back!

Settled once and for all.For seriously. I got a box of what was left when Starline Media crumbled, and now that I've mostly completed shipping my most recent pair of shirts, it's time to offer them to you.

There are multiple sizes available. Apparently all the sold-out sizes were reordered, and nobody knew and they never went up on the site or something. 'Cuz I've got them, Small through Triple X.

So, hoorays! This is your second chance! And these are already here in my living room, so you won't have to wait a buncha weeks for a preorder to end. They be ready to go!

In Funky Cancercancer news, it is quite possible there may not be any incest at all. It's weird, because the strip keeps throwing up dramatic cues that suggests otherwise, but we'll just have to wait and see how this pans out. Even if I end up totally wrong, I ain't complaining. 'Cuz shit, man, I got like five thousand referalls from, like, The Comics Curmudgeon, man. Not bad! Comic snark blogging is clearly where it's at, so I must be the wrong line of work.

Next Monday, maybe I'll tackle Arlo and Janis with a biting satire on the ironic technophobia of aging hipsters.

And, for reals, man, I'm getting to some talky-talk about Robo-JOE. I'm just really afraid of messing with his awesome cardback portrait. I don't want to keep him sealed or anything. I just want a reset button or something for when I'm done. Hmm.

Holy crap! Johnny Five is ALIVE!