April 13th, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: Siblingorama!

I got Classics Devastator last week, and finally today I got some new plastic risers to spruce up the Decepticon area of the display while I smooshed him in. Graham discovered that his arms are perfectly strong enough to lift one Autobot into the air, so I decided to keep it. I discovered that two Autobots, though, was just too much. His leg connectors snap from the weight.

Long ago I got the Universe Constructicons for my Classics, before I realized this set came out. But, dammit, it did, and they're in the comic, too. Oh well. I'll see if I can't auction the old one off or something, since it's unneeded.

Today Steve-o picked up Super Paper Mario. I played a few levels first, and I think I managed to strongly exasperate him and Graham. Y'see, it's half-RPG, and I refuse to talk to any of the townsfolk, pretty much ever. Or scan anything. Or look at anything. 95% of the time the information is useless, right? If it's important, it'll be apparent. I refuse to wade through 35 nigh-identical encounters about how "Oh, you must be that hero blah blah blah mustache blah blah this is a Goomba." I'll just plow on through until I can find something to stomp. (This is why I generally hate RPGs.)

Steve and Graham, on the other hand, will not rest until every single possible thing has been scanned and cataloged and conversed with and what have you. Nothing brings them so much joy as to read a short explanation of what a Koopa Troopa is and what its HP is. "Did you scan that door we just went through? Quick, go back! Oh, it says to go through it! SWEET!" And then high-fives.

So I think I was breaking them.

Speaking of video games, Transformers for the DS is gonna be so awesome. I can't wait to have online battles with my homies.