April 12th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: He was very large.

Okay! I got all of the Your Mom/Reagan Lives shirts out that I could, save for three that I can't send off because I didn't get sent three shirts I needed. Those I should hopefully getting replacements for soon. So this means I'm free to get to what's left of the ol' No, I'M Batman! stock I was sent after Starline Media died. I'll do a tally in the coming days and see what I can offer you folks, then put 'em up in the store.

It occurred to me the other day that I am reaching another anniversary. At my eighteenth birthday party, as a gag gift I received a single diaper. (Hey, Jon, remember?)

That diaper has been worn by my Fortress Maximus ever since. Seriously, it's still on there. And it's been signed over the years by domestic pals, some Australian fellow, at least one Canadian, two girlfriends, and a dead guy.

And, man, it's seriously falling apart. The adhesive dried out years ago, so it's mostly just hanging there. Alternate attempts to keep the diaper together have failed. I can't use duct tape, 'cuz that'd cover up signatures, and make it look uglier than it does already.

It's been ten years. Is it time to take it off? Is it an end to an era? I mean, Fort Max wearing the diaper also means I haven't been able to transform him out of robot mode for 10 years.

I dunno.