April 10th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Oldest trick in the book.

No, really, it is. Well, it's at least 15 years old, anyway. I needed a funny location, so I borrowed an old one. Ahhh, nostalgia that only I remember.

Let it never be said that I'm in this industry to amuse anyone but myself.

So, anyway, yesterday I blathered on and on about Takara's Tenth Anniversary Dinobot. And I noted, "hey, look at all that gold unpaintable plastic! I wish there were a way of making it look better!" And lo, there is.

I swapped parts with Hasbro's Tenth Anniversary Dinobot! See, that version's corresponding parts are a dark brown. Close enough to blend into Takara's beast mode better. Sure, Hasbro's dark brown is less saturated than the dark brown paint on Takara's Dinobot, as you can see, but the difference is much more noticeable in photography than in person.

There are some complications. The dino-forelimbs pop right off and swap easily. Piece of cake. The biceps are a little tougher, but still easy-cheesy, as swapping them requires some unscrewing. Now, that hinge that bridges the dino-back and the tail-connector, that's a bit rougher. That requires removing a rivet and then unscrewing Dinobot's torso apart into its component pieces so you can remove the rest of it. This required the services of Graham, as he's a lot better at hammering out rivets than I. But it's doable.

This leaves us with two remaining conspicuous spots. The dino hips/robot shoulders I intentionally let be, because Dinobot's robot mode has these gold shoulder pad things. But it's just as well, because somewhere inbetween the original Dinobot and Wal*mart-exclusive Grimlock the screws that used to hold the shoulders in were replaced by this irremoveable contraption. But as I said, I was going to leave that anyhow.

But that panel at the back of the dino-head? That's tricky. That may even be impossible, without destroying the toy. See, the head seems to be a bunch of overlapping pieces which are glued together. I picked up an exacto knife today to see if I couldn't just saw the pieces apart, but no deal. Graham couldn't do it either. That obnoxious bronze panel will just have to stay.

But not bad, otherwise. Swapping parts helps the look of the other Dinobot, too, leaving him with bronze dino-arms on his bronze dino-body. And no painting required, which I very much blow at.

Meanwhile, hey, look, it's an art thief, folks! That's right. An art thief.

Mmmm. Search engine tricks.

Oh, and, hey. Looks like me and a few other Blank Label Comics chaps will be rockin' it up at SPX in Maryland this October. Yeah, I'll be hittin' both coasts this year. (San Diego Comic-Con looms!) Double your me, double your pleasure!