April 8th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Such a cute couple.
Shortpacked!: Phew. Okay, from now on, no more headlight effects.

You've heard from me often that Alternators' transformations can be more trouble than they're worth. Ten solid minutes of trying to force thin car panels into the correct arrangement is never a fun way to spend time. But God heard my prayers and sent me Rumble.

Rumble's a dream. Pull out his arms from the rear, unfold his legs from the front, and you're 90% there. Of course, the transformation from car to robot is always the easiest, but it's as intuitive in reverse as well. In fact, you'll spend the majority of your time trying to figure out how to put his weapons back into the hood and trunk the right way. (Get back to me on that. I'm still learning.) Even so, he's a joy to transform.

He's my dream Alternator in more ways than one. He's got a secondary gimmick, aka those spring-loaded piledriver arms. Flick a little tab inside his shoulders and they thrust out. There's only two downsides: 1) They kinda hang there loosely once they're deployed, and 2) if only there were some sort of back-and-forth slammy-slam motion, instead of it being a one-click flick. Regardless, it's more interesting than hands.

Rumble transforms into a Honda Civic. There definitely need to be more boring-ass nobody vehicles in Transformers. I like TFs that turn into cars I see every day. I mean, I like crazy ones, too, but I don't want every TF to transform into cars there are only one of in the world.
(*coughcoughWheeljackSmokescreenMiragecoughcough*) He's also one of the few Alternators that don't use black as a secondary color; rather, his robot parts are mostly a dark brown. It's also nice that he's a good head shorter than the rest of the other Alternators, other than Ravage, of course. He was a shorty-short cassette bot previously, so I'm glad he's not the tallest Alt around.

I adore him. We need a blue redeco as Frenzy for, like, SDCC or something.

Other things:

B.C. cartoonist Johnny Hart dies at 76 with admirable head of hair.



Jesus is risen.