April 5th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: What a tool.

Hugo Weaving may be Megatron in the movie, but apparently Frank Welker's still voicing him in the video game!

NIGHTWATCHER UNMASKEDHey, look! The helmet comes off! And it looks just like a more well lit depiction of what you can see through the visor!

No one must know his secret identity.

Nightwatcher's limbs are a pain to turn. Well, okay, just his shoulders. Oh, crap, I called him a him! That will narrow down his identity to one gender! Okay, okay, let's not dwell. The reason his arms pose bad is because the joint at his bicep is really loose, so if you want to point his arms up, you're more likely to just rotate his arm around its lengthwise axis. And it's hard to get a grip on the shoulder to turn the whole thing because it's under that shoulderpad thing.

That's my only real complaint about him. Nightwatcher comes with cool chain weapons and a motorcycle and his outfit is great.

He's Raphael.