April 4th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Absolutely no complicated backstory here, folks. Please move along.

So, dude, birthday! We went to Ponderosa tonight to fill ourselves silly with cheap steak in honor of my birthday and Steve-o's. (His was on the first.)

And I got presents!

The Nightwatcher and his trusty sidekick Casey Jones.Steve-o got me a Polyphonic Spree CD and a book. Ron got me McDonald's Panther (aka yet-another-Ravage), a McDonald's Hot Shot for my ever-growing pyramid, and motherfuckin' Robo-JOE! Yeah! Also, a Star Brigade Destro to fight him. Ha ha ha. Graham got me the TMNT Nightwatcher w/ motorcycle and Casey Jones. See! There are pictures of them there.

Casey of course has lots of sports-themed weapons and a removeable hockey mask. He's got... two backpacks, one of which seems to be specially configured to hold the two baseball bats he comes with in an X formation. But he also comes with a golf bag that he can't fit over his shoulder at the same time. So, uh. I've opted for the golf bag. He also comes with a golf club (an iron) and some sort of cricket paddle.

Nightwatcher, of course, comes with his motorcycle. It's got steering and rolling wheels and a kickstand. Surprise! Speaking of surprises, if you take his helmet off you can totally learn his completely and utterly unknown secret identity. Yeah. Speaking of actual surprises, his backpack opens to reveal something you can plug into the back of his head to complete the unhelmeted secret identity look. The only downside is that there's nowhere to stow the chain weapons while he's riding his bike. Bummer.

More toy reviews added to the already large cache! Yikes!

Hey, if any of you folks want a nifty bust or two like the set Maggie sculpted for me, she's totally taking commissions. Just so you know.