April 3rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Of anthropomorphication.

Today was a pretty serviceable birthday. We're going out tomorrow to have some birthday dinner for both Steve-o and I, but today I got in a bike ride, drew a comic, played with some new toys, watched some Scrubs reruns, and had delicious Taco Bell. Oh, and my Aunt Jan overnight mailed me buttloads of homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She may be the best ever. And Maggie sculpted me busts of Walky, Joyce, and the Head Alien! Hot friggin' damn!

I am indeed blessed!

Want to play Ultra Car: Obsticon Onslaught with your Wiimote? here's how!

Yesterday my Japanese Beast Wars Tenth Anniversary Dinobot and Blackarachnia arrived in the mail from JRS Toyworld. And then we went down to Stringtown Road Wal-mart and got ourselves some Classics Devastator. It was depressing to realize that despite getting seven new toys that day, all of them were redecos of toys I already owned. Even more depressing was that Classics Scavenger was the only toy I got that day that I had only one iteration of already. Jesus Christ, David.

So have some photos of Blackarachnia. The first photo is of her beside my Silverbolt. (He's personally handpainted with a silver paint marker in places, so no, that's not a version you can buy. I think he's due a touch-up.) The second photo is of the new BA next to my original. I remember picking up her and Airazor ten years ago at a Meijer Grand Opening together for like $7. That was a sweet deal.

BA was a redeco that I've been wanting to happen for forever. Despite losing a lot of color in her transition to show-accuracy, she's still pretty striking. The only thing I would have changed would have been making her matte gold plastic a grey or silver plastic. She'd look more show accurate and there'd be a little more color variation. Otherwise, I'm very pleased.

(Note: Like pretty much every other iteration of the mold, you gotta swap her forearms to get the right functionality.)

She and Dinobot (and the rest of the line) are packaged in absolutely HUGE packaging for their toys' size. It's entirely because one side of the box is expanded to accomodate the full length of a DVD case. But still. Hefty and huge.

Reportedly, BotCon already has 600 preregs faxed in! Holy crap! If you're planning to go, and you want to do the Hasbro tour and see the premiere of the movie, you'd better get your fax in quickly! Like, now!