April 1st, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: April Fools continued
Shortpacked!: Special delivery!

New comics all five days this week! Yes, it's storytime.

Check it! To the left I've got new Jaguar XK Alternators Kitty Ravage next to his old buddies Corvette Alternators Man Ravage and their progenitor, the original cassette Ravage. Mmmm, Ravagetastic.

Kitty Ravage and his casemate Rumble are the last of the Alternators line for the foreseeable future, if ever. And sweet Primus, Kitty Ravage is one of the best, so the line is at least going out with a bang. Unlike every other Alternators toy, he transforms from a car to an animal. Crazy! (They're Wal-mart exclusives, where you will likely find them in great supply.)

How great is a Jaguar that transforms into a jaguar? Great, I'd say. He's one of the most-fun to play with in non-vehicle mode, to my figgerations, just 'cuz he's an animal. Animals attack and growl and pee on things, which increases play potential, though, uh, I guess I also do that with Man Ravage, too, just because it's hilarious. Kitty Ravage has got a fairly large range of motion, and he's very sturdy and has tight joints. His head/neck has a a range of motion, too, though it's not as big a range as it seems it might be at first. His mouth opens WIDE. Snake wide. The jaw hinge is strong enough to hold most anything.

The picture to up to the right features my Kitty Ravage in vehicle mode next to Graham's Kitty Ravage in kitty mode. As you can see, he's quite okay at sitting down, too, so that posing option is available to you. Unnaturally stood up on his hind feet, he's also by far the tallest Alternator at several heads taller than anybody else. Apparently he's an officient use of space. I've had great fun making both Alt Ravages dance hand-to-hand. Kitty Ravage is all "Rarrr" and Man Ravage is all "Meow meow meow pirouette meow meow dance divinely."

I am a little crazy.

Finally, to the left, I have a picture of Jaguar and Corvette Ravages together in car mode. Original Ravage is about to take Corvette Ravage for a spin, and I'm gonna totally race him. Whoever wins gets to use the litter box. Whoever loses has to clean it. (Man Ravage was never toilet trained. It is a sad story.)

Tomorrow brings big news! The surprise I've been hinting at has overcome all short term obstacles and should be ready for you on time. This surprise has been twenty years in the making, a mere eight years younger than the surprise of my birth.

Yes, "surprise."

You should have seen the look on my dad's face.

Seriously, today I am nuts.

(Note: "Figgeration" is a word I made up just now myself. I expect it to catch on.)