March 31st, 2007


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Shortpacked!: April Fools.

So, holy crap, Botcon preregistration went up today. Steve-o and I were finishing off the last DVD of Azumanga Daioh when Graham called and he's all "DUDE BOTCON FAX SHOE MUST HEY WEBSITE FISH PRINT OUT SEND TOYS." So we got together and ended up at Kinko's and learned how to use a fax machine. Well, okay, I learned how; I think they've used one before. And, uh, actually I guess I just watched Graham operate it, so maybe I didn't learn how to use one at all.

I'm pretty useless.

As expected, the set is full of Classics Seekers. That's right, it gives us Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge. (It begs the question as to whether one or both of Thrust and Dirge will have remolded wings to match their old ones.) It also includes Dreadwind, originally a Powermaster, who'll most likely be the Classics Jetfire mold. With a new head? Who knows.

And last but not least, it includes Bug Bite, who was originally a Tonka GoBot and repurposed by Takara as a Japanese-exclusive white redeco of the original Bumblebee. (Though it had the retooled show-accurate Bumblebee noggin.) So, hey, GoBots character. And apparently he's a mysterious new powerful foe that's rounded up a crapload of Seekers because he's just that awesome.

Not bad for a Go-Bot. I hope they paint his goatee black.

C'mon, evil alternate-universe Bumblebee.

(Man. His toy is just going to look so so friendly.)

I know what's going to be said shortly, because it's been said for months in anticipation of this sort of thing. Re: People don't want the rest of the Seekers to be a BotCon set because it means they won't be released at retail. Well, I think it's important to note that we wouldn't have gotten these guys at retail. A retail chain isn't gonna take six of the same mold within a few months' time. Hell, they probably wouldn't take 3. They wouldn't in Armada, so we ended up with a retooled Skywarp, just to make the third seemed different enough. And in Classics itself, the third guy ended up as one of the coneheads, also retooled. These toys wouldn't fit into the movie line, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit into the next line either, as word is it's gonna be in a pretty specific visual style.

So keep in mind that this is pretty much the only way we were gonna get these characters.

If you don't want to drop $250 for a Thundercracker, which is understandable, I guess there's always blue paint. Hope you're a better painter than I!